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A picture of artist Alison Carol Blackburn painting a crystal vase

All the crystal and glass pieces 
displayed here are handpainted by 
Alison Carol Blackburn.
Everything shown is a one of a kind.

Click on the images for  an animated view of these 
beautiful hand painted crystal and glass pieces.

These wonderful pieces love the light and take on a different look depending  on the angle of the light 
hitting it. The paint used is cured onto the glass for as long as a week before the piece is oven fired thereby rendering the paint virtually indellible and giving it a stained  glass texture. The paint literally becomes a part of the glass itself.  It cannot be  rubbed off. No precautions are needed  to wash these items other than how one might clean any glass or crystal vase.


Dolphins, Handpainted on Crystal     Lighthouse, Handpainted on Crystal     A Flower Garden, Thumbnail Image of garden flowers Handpainted on a Crystal Vase     Thumbnail Image of a Tiger Mother with her cubs, Handpainted on a Crystal Vase   

The actual colours are more vibrant than is  possible to display in these pictures.  The effect  is startling and the 
value is unmistakeable. Take a look at some of the other pieces on this page  and click on the pictures to get more
detailed information and pricing on the individual items  as well as an interesting animated  view  of the vases.

Crystal Decanter with a Handpainted Image of a Water Pond     Peacock, Handpainted on Crystal    
Tiger at Rest, Handpainted on a Crystal Vase    Humming Birds, Handpainted on a Glass Decanter

Specify which piece you wish to order from what you see here or even ask to have an  original  design of favorite 
flowers or animals to be depicted. It will be made specifically for you. Several of the items shown here were ordered
with a specific theme in mind. Each item is a  one of a kind, each is an original work of art.

Tiger Lurking behind Bushes, Handpainted on Crystal Vase     Elephant, Handpainted on a Glass Vase     Garden Cluster, Handpainted on a Glass Vase     
Orca Whale Mother and Baby, Handpainted on a Glass Vase

Before taking delivery of your own original  piece you will be sent pictures of the item and only items that you approve
of will be sent to you. As original pieces become available we will be adding them to this page, so by all means  do 
come back and see our newest offerings.

Pair of Tigers, Handpainted on a Crystal Vase     Rooster, Handpainted on a Glass Vase    Glass Bowl with hand painted molded accents    Portrait of 2 Elephants talking, Handpainted Crystal Vase