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The Artist's Images on Canvas

Art on Crystal and Glass

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Anytimestories is a place where you will find beauty in images and music.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the images contained here are worth a thousand stories. 
Stories  told through images in books for children. Stories told through images painted on glass crystal 
and canvas. Stories told through music. Stories to be enjoyed and shared 'Anytime'

The storybooks we sell are meant to convey to children a sense of wonderment through 
the wonderful imagination that is theirs. These stories are meant to encourage children to nurture 
and expand their own imaginations in a way that is gentle and fun.

The art of Alison Carol Blackburn is displayed not only in these illustrated storybooks 
but also through her work on canvas, on glass and on crystal. 

Making Something out of Nothing!

The whole concept of making something out of nothing is central to our philosophy. 
Everything that people invent, produce, build and exchange had to have started with 
something as little as a thought. Thoughts that we perceive coming out of thin air have been the building blocks 
for everything that we see around us. We wish to encourage children to use their thoughts constructively 
to make that little something out of nothing. Write a story, sing a melody, draw a picture, invent a game. 
Just have fun imagining, and imagine the fun you can have. Take that little nothing out of thin air, 
turn it into a thought, imagine it taking shape, then make it happen.